About Unquote

Beautiful free pictures remixed with inspirational quotes

Expose inspirational quotes with beautiful images from Unsplash community.

Quote and picture should complement unlike some existing websites

Create a strong connection between image and text, full screen on mobile and computer.

photo by Samuel Zeller


In the early days of Unsplash, photos were published on tumblr and sometimes with quotes.

Unsplash tweet occasionally a picture of their free library along with a quote that works well with the image.

When #makeday occurs about every month, some community users create remixs on the same principle of a text inspired highlighting the image, or vice versa.

I was looking to do a small project playing with photos of this community: Unquote was born.

Tweet example with quote
Tweet example with quote

Multilingual quotes and proverbs

Some of quotes or proverbs may have existed initially in only one language. In this case, the equivalent in the other language may well be a translation.

If you see inconsistencies or corrections to be applied, your contribution is welcome by tweeting to @unquoteli

photo by Todd Diemer


Some author images are from other sources of Wikipedia. All rights reserved to their owner.